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3 Aug 2022

PermanentUnemployed Storeman Required At Durban

Intercape – Posted by JobWire24 Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Job Description

Unemployed Storeman Required At Durban

Location: Durban
Job Type: Permanent
Sectors: Storeman
Company/Employer: Intercape
Job Title: Unemployed Storeman Required At Durban

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Issuing of Stock
  • Receive approved requisition for parts required on Move from technician.
  • Establish parts availability and communicate with the technician.
  • Book parts that are in stock out onto the job card.
  • Pick correct parts and quantities from the bin and have technician receive stock on Move.
  • Ensure the picking slip is closed once completed.
  • Parts that are not in stock will be mailed to the relevant buyer to action.
  • Follow up on outstanding orders and give feedback to the technician.
  • Constant monitoring and following up of the Hanging PR’s and provide feedback on the status to the workshop.
  • Final close off of parts request to be done on Move.
  • Constant check on the mechanic stock report
  • During stock take, break downs, and off-site work, all stock issued will be recorded on a manual list and booked out on Move when the system reopens, or the technician returns to the depot. Parts not used to be binned as soon as possible.
  • Ensure the necessary breakdown orders or call out orders are raised as and when a break down happens.
  • Diagnostic equipment kept in store will issued to a technician and entered into the hard cover book where the technician will sign it out and in.
  • Check the part and sign it back in once returned by the technician.
  • Issue parts for repairs to Suppliers ensure the Gate passbook is completed before the parts leaves the depots.
  • Make sure system movement has been done for  parts being sent for repairs.
  • Ensure the parts movement on the system from consignment store is done prior to issuing the parts.
  • Issue Parts to other deports as and when they are requested, ensuring the system movement is done.
  • Prepare the documents for Parts going across the border.
  • Lubricants i.e. Engine Oil, Gearbox oil, Antifreeze, AdBlue etc. must be booked out onto job cards at all times ensure that a PR is opened for the lubricant used.
  • Receiving of Stock
  • Receive all parts that are incoming from suppliers and other depots.
  • Check the stock for quality, right quantity, and sign paperwork upon receipt.
  • Inspect contents to ensure that they are not damaged.
  • Verify packages according to order and invoice (quantity, quality, price)
  • Check the order placed against what was delivered.
  • Receive the order on the system and place the parts in their right location as per the system indication.
  • Label deliveries and allocate them to their designated place
  • Contact supplier if a mistake is identified.
  • Indicate on the invoice what the mistake or problem ensure the personnel from the supplier who has delivered signs as well to confirm the mistake found.
  • Assume responsibility for returning damaged or unwanted goods.
  • Ensure invoices are sent to data capturers if not ensure that the RFP is done after receiving and placing the parts in their respective location.
  • Ensure the 3-way match is correct prior to you doing the RFP.
  • Create bin locations for new parts.
  • Parts that are not utilized by the workshop please make sure RFC process is followed for parts not used by workshop
  • Follow up on all R1 or Breakdown orders ensuring the orders are processed.
  • Compare the invoice received against the top up order raised by the system to ensure the correct items are brought with the right quantity.
  • Receive and check the parts being returned from 3rd party that is the engines gearboxes etc..
  • Receive the lubricants from the supplier and ensure the lubricants are pumped in their respective drums. Check the product being delivered ensure it is the correct product and that it is the right quantity ordered.
  • Inventory Control
  • Ensure that all parts handed across the counter is always booked out
  • All Cleaning Materials are booked out when issued.
  • The stores counter and floor are always kept clean and always tidy no parts on the floor
  • Ensure that all stock received balances with the delivery note and are taken into delivery timeously.
  • Ensure that stock levels of fast movers are up to date on designated shelves including the cleaning and PPE/Covid material.
  • Stock order to be given to buyer daily for stock needed (Replenishment).
  • Designated shelves to be kept clean and tidy.
  • Daily cycle counts are conducted within the designated shelves and within the stores
  • Investigate stock variances found during the cycle count in the designated shelves and stores and rectify them.
  • Constant monitoring
  • Ensure that all parts are labelled within the stores with the correct part numbers and in the correct bin.
  • All Units are labelled correctly with the right ICG/Serial Number clearly labelled correctly on the unit.
  • Assist with weekly stock count as and when required.
  • Assist with monthly stock count every month.
  • Make sure the A1 (Buyouts) location is managed (Inform the workshop daily)
  • Ensure the parts do not stay for more than 7days as per the Policy.
  • Be vigilant with respect to stock theft and report any suspicious activity to the relevant superior.
  • Inventory control- checking and ensuring that all stock is booked out. Regular cycle counts are conducted daily within the consignment stores.
  • Conduct Counts with the suppliers as and when required.
  • Invoices
  • Follow up of invoices with the supplier as per the procurement dashboard.
  • Capturing and uploading invoices on the order making sure the processed invoices are stamped with the necessary stamps i.e. RFP Stamp.
  • Query resolution of orders and creating adjustment on the orders as and when needed.
  • Identifying all invoices that needs adjustment and sending them to the respective personnel.
  • Following of up of pending and partial deliveries.
  • Request for quotes and proforma invoices
  • Filing of all processed invoices
  • Liaising and resolving queries with the Finance department with regards to all pending Invoices from the Suppliers (Finance List)
  • Diesel and Lubricants Stock
  • Take Lubricants dip every 2nd day and mail to the relevant parties.
  • Check the deliveries as and when they arrive.
  • Ensure that lubricants are booked out at all times. Make sure a PR is always opened for the boking out to be done if not please ensure the workshop opens the job cards
  • Tyres
  • Do a tyre count survey daily to ensure enough quantities are always held.
  • Check and follow up that all tyres that are taken from the stores are moved on Intersect.
  • Regular cycle counts on the tyres in all locations F1,F2 and F3
  • Participate in the tyre count when tyres are being collected by the supplier to be sold or scrapped.
  • All the tyres identified for Selling or Scrapping to be recorded in the Gate Passbook and signed off by the relevant managers prior to the tyres leaving the premises.
  • Ensure you send the Gate Pass and relevant papers to your line manager.
  • Load all Wheel alignment orders requested by the workshop daily.
  • Follow up and always process all alignment invoices on time.
  • Warranty Handling
  • Log a warranty claim with the Warranty controller when there is part that is a warranty claim.
  • Ensure that all warranty parts are returned to stores from the workshop. Ensure you have and are familiar with the exchange list.
  • Ensure that the warranty parts are properly labeled with vehicle number, job number and warranty number once returned.
  • Ensure that the warranty parts are stored safely in the designated area.
  • Record all parts sent for warranty claims in the gate pass as and when they are sent to the supplier.
  • Ensure the Gate passbook is signed off by the supplier when the parts are sent.
  • Alert the warranty controller of any pending claims in the warranty area.
  • Ensure that no part under warranty is issued if the old part wasn’t received back from the technician
  • General
  • Operate non-revue vehicles to deliver and pick up parts when necessary.
  • Operate lifting equipment such as a forklift when necessary.
  • Shifts to cover a 24-hour period is required.
  • Working on weekend and holidays will be required.
  • Strong emphasis is to be placed on a clean and tidy work area.
  • Manage all parcel shipments as necessary.
  • Actively look for ways to help people.
  • Be dependable. Reliability, responsibility is required.
  • Be careful about detail and thorough in completing tasks.
  • Be honest and ethical.
  • Attend to any other duties assigned to you by management
  • Human Capital


  • Ensure to load leave on the internal system as per business requirements and leave policy

Injury on duty:

  • Responsible to inform line manager of a personal injury on duty immediately.
  • Ensure relevant documentation is completed in full and the HC department receives a copy within 48 hours of the accident in order to report the incident/accident
  • Responsible to continue the required doctor’s visits until a final medical report is issued. HC department to receive all documents to finalize claim.
  • System Management
  • Responsible for the effective utilization, accurate capturing, and thorough record keeping on all systems relevant to perform daily tasks within department
  • Identify staff training needs applicable to all Intercape Systems
  • Reporting
  • Daily and Weekly reports on PR movement and Hanging PR’s
  • Daily report on A1 bin
  • Weekly RFP report
  • Weekly report on Outstanding Orders and pending Orders
  • Weekly Warranty Report
  • Weekly report on Partially delivered Orders
  • Weekly report and Monthly report on Consignment stores
  • Monthly report on Purchase Orders and RFC Orders.
  • Monthly report on IWT
  • Monthly report on Parts out to 3RD Party
  • Desired Experience & Qualification



  • Grade 12


  • Minimum of 3 Years’ stock control and storeman experience
  • Valid drivers license required

Knowledge / Abilities:

  • Proficient knowledge of the company, its divisions, associates, people, products, terms and conditions, and services
  • Performing general administration
  • Work under pressure and meet multiple deadlines
  • Handling conflict, difficult and stressful situations with professional composure
  • Be focused on providing work of an extremely high quality
  • Willing to work shifts


  • Computer literacy
  • Detail-oriented
  • Strong written and interpersonal communication
  • Cleanliness
  • Planning and organizing
  • Reliable and honest


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