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Nangong Ling pounded the table again: “This is nonsense!” Lin Ning frowned: “Master Tianfeng, as a sainted monk, is it difficult for him to lie?” As soon as Nangong Ling choked, he finally retorted, “Wuhua used to drink!” Chu Liuxiang touched his nose:. That’s true. The first time I saw Wu Hua, I drank with him for three days and nights. Lin Ning:.. He has his reasons for breaking the precepts, such as “wine and meat pass through the intestines, and the Buddha stays in his heart”, which is no big deal. Moreover, now that Wuhua has returned to the secular world, he will drink if he wants to, eat meat if he wants to, and no longer have to stick to himself. It looks like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but Chu Liuxiang is a bystander. He can see that there is a ghost in the heart of Nangong Ling, and he can also see that there is no flower in the water palace. I’m afraid it’s not that I don’t know why. He can also see that Tianfeng Shilang may not have found Master Tianfeng at random, and Ren Ci, who has just become the leader of the Beggars’ Sect.. But Nangong Ling and Wuhua were his friends, but Chu Liuxiang preferred not to see these strange things. The base is well stocked with food,stainless steel tile trim, and the infrastructure is functioning normally, the zombies outside are shielded, how to look at this is a perfect fortress, except for the zombies in the base. Some of them are the subjects used by the base for experiments, and some of them are mutated after being killed by Dr. Isaac. The subjects are still locked up, but the mutated ones are still wandering around the base. After Dr. Isaac,aluminum tile edge trim, who had mutated into a G monster, was killed by Alice, Alice only took away her Ke-Long bodies and did not care about anything else. At present, only Lin Ning and the White Queen came to clean up the mess. The main thing is Lin Ning. She is responsible for eliminating the zombies in the base, in the process, Lin Ning is extremely calm, facing the zombies who can still see the human form, and even rationally analyze how to eliminate them more efficiently. At first, Lin Ning did not realize that there was anything wrong with this, after all, the zombies infected by the T virus are no longer living people, they can still walk and make sounds, nails and hair will grow, stainless steel edging strip ,aluminium edge trim, but the T virus that has completely occupied their brains sends out vibration waves to maintain cell growth, as well as to let the brain. Just to prop them up. Simply put, they are just walking corpses, and there should be no psychological barriers to eliminating them. Only after Lin Ning shot a zombie’s head, she watched the zombie’s sticky blood fall on the floor, but her first thought was, “It’s really troublesome to clean the floor later.”. After that, Lin Ning was stunned. Is she too calm? Lin Ning couldn’t help reflecting. As it turns out, Linning didn’t turn into what she thought was a cold-blooded animal-when she went to clean up the zombies at the base as experimental subjects, the memories of the original Amelia Wood flooded in, including how Amelia Wood experimented with zombies without changing her face, and not just the zombies that had become zombies. There is not completely become a zombie stage, it can be called crazy living experiments. When such a vivid picture emerged, Lin Ning was extremely disgusted and broke the tempered glass in front of her under emotional fluctuations. The White Queen’s projection appears: “Amelia?” Lin Ning said in a deep voice, “Why did the umbrella protection company do this?”? I mean, in vivo, and developing a deadly biochemical virus like the T-virus? The White Queen said slowly in her tender childlike voice, “The T virus will be developed. It is James Marcus, the founder of the Protection-Protection-Umbrella Company, who hopes to cure his daughter who suffers from progeria. However, the T virus has the ability to mutate the organism’s genes and lose the ability of ideology. At the same time, it can also make the infected person have strong resistance and vitality.” This undoubtedly made many people realize its great use in the military.
” Lin Ning immediately realized a question: “You said that the T-virus was developed by James Marcus?”? Isn’t it Dr. Charles Alford? In the second installment of the Resident Evil film series, this is the setting, and Dr. Alford also has a daughter with progeria. The White Queen paused and said, “Charles Alford is not in my database.” Lin Ning is like being clairvoyant. It’s not that the contradiction between what she knows and what the White Queen tells her makes her realize that she relies too much on what the film shows, but that in the first film of the Biochemical Crisis series, when members of the Special Operations Force introduce Alice to the Red Queen, they say that she is based on the image of the daughter of the founder of the company. Does the founder’s daughter here mean the daughter of James Marcus? Is it possible that Alice is this daughter? Lin Ning still wants to solve the riddle of “Alice and Red Queen are the same person”, after all, this is the content of the final chapter of the film, and since it is the final chapter, it will inevitably put an end to the whole biochemical crisis, perhaps it will give a solution to the world full of zombies. Of course, all this is Lin Ning’s speculation, and this speculation is based on the series of movies she has seen and the information she has learned from the real world derived from this series of movies. What’s more, there is still a contradiction between the two. Faced with such confusion, Lin Ning had no time to grieve for autumn and spring. She began to search for more information. Facts proved that what the White Queen said was correct. The T-virus was developed by James Marcus, the founder of the Protection-Umbrella Company. After all, the Protection-Umbrella Company set up a special research Institute on the T-virus, which can be traced back to decades ago. The daughter of Dr. Alford in the movie is only ten years old. The Protection-Uumbrella Company,metal trim manufacturers, after winning Dr. Alford’s research, took a space-time plane back to decades ago. And gave it to James Marcus? Only after drawing such a conclusion, Lin Ning felt that this was really not an ordinary pit. jecatrims.com

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